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    Today we announce start of referral program on our project

    Obviously that it is much more interesting to play Lineage with friends. Now gathering of your friends on new server will give not only more fun to gameplay, but real profit! You can help each other to get more donation currency from each donate.

    We give our players opportunity to get real money via referral program. So gather your friends and get money.

    It is very important to use special link from personal cabinet! Make sure that your friends use it!

    You can find your personal link here

    Terms of referral program:

    In personal cabinet you have special link. Give it to your friends and after they will create accounts via that link you will start get bonus from their donation.

    You will get 5% from all donations on account created with help of your link. You can withdraw this money after you save up more than 5 euro.

    If you will decide to transfer that money to the game you bonus will be double. So you will get 10% from all donations as ToD!

    Example: you gave your friend a link from personal cabinet. Your friend created account via that link. When any donation will be made on that account you will get bonus. When your friend donate 20 Euro, you get 1 euro bonus. When you will collect at least 5 Euro, you can withdraw them on yor PayPal account or Webmoney wallet. If you will decide to transfer that bonus into the game, you will get double ammount of ToD. You will get 300 ToD instaed 150 Tod for 5 Euro!

    You can check your bonus in special tab of personal cabinet.​
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    server closed?
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    Union online with 400-600 ppl
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