New Lineage 2 Interlude server announcement!

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Ariy, May 26, 2017.

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  1. Ariy

    Ariy Administrator

    New server Lineage 2 Interlude
    Opening on the 14.07.2017!

    Unique Dynamic Rates are waiting for you!
    Classical quality of concept with a verified customization of gameplay.
    A server that will provide maximum comfort and classic game in a new light!

    Dear players of the project, the time of summer holidays and rest will come soon. But our team is not going to succumb to this temptation and continues to work! We are glad to present you the opening date of a new unique Interlude server - 14.07.2017! We decided not to give a name to the future server without the participation of our community, so take part in choosing the name in special thread! Do it here!

    Successful starts of our previous projects Nanna x75 and Lionna x7 showed that our audience is very fond of the classic gameplay of Interlude chronicles. But still we want to make the gameplay more unique and interesting. Therefore, we have prepared for you several features that will make the gameplay truly original.

    First of all, we want to move away from constant server rates. We all understand that the gameplay at low levels is of little interest. But if you accelerate it with increased rates, then the game at high levels will also accelerate. And this reduces the time to achieve maximum development. Therefore, we created the concept of Dynamic Rates, which will allow you to pass the most uninteresting part very quickly and focus on high-end content!

    We also made an additional game currency. You can earn PvP coins in special locations, as well as in Custom PvP zones. You can spend this currency in a special store.

    It seems to us that the usual raid bosses have lost their relevance. We have ideas how to fix this. And we will listen with interest and your suggestions!

    You will find many interesting things! Soon we will publish a detailed description of the server. We will closely follow your feedback and suggestions! Write us your ideas about the future server in a special section of forum, and we will listen to them.
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  2. rufusek

    rufusek Member

    so in general Ur saying *** you to old community members.
    I was player of x7 and i was waiting for merge or smt to bring me here again, and all i see Ur making another new server that gonna stand for 2-3months? I dont get Ur point about community, and for sure i will not play here anymore.
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  3. Ariy

    Ariy Administrator

    merger of x7 and x75 is in discussion now. we are looking for way to unite them
  4. rufusek

    rufusek Member

    opening new server is the best option /s
  5. Parasense

    Parasense Member

    nice we waiting for news
  6. Ariy

    Ariy Administrator

    Because of technical problems we cannot just copy characters from one server to other. Now we try to decide this problem
  7. Hellscream

    Hellscream Member

    Looks pretty interesting. We whant full description
  8. Bobosdouge

    Bobosdouge Member

    if that server dont have buffs books everything will be normal ...
  9. Ariy

    Ariy Administrator

    Only NPC and player's buff))) Without Buff-books
  10. OlyStar

    OlyStar Member

    This is osom guys
    We'll be start here!
  11. Madcat

    Madcat Member

    Будем с другом тут!
  12. Falkos

    Falkos Member

    UIse English, man!))
  13. Gentoo

    Gentoo Moderator

    Thank you
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2017
  14. PlayMaker

    PlayMaker Member

    lf info about betatest
  15. Ziva

    Ziva Moderator

    Around 1 week before grand opening
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