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  1. Gerda

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    We are receiving a lot of questions about Lionna x7 future.
    And to not answer everyone separately, we will do it here.

    Lionna server is and will continue being supported as before.
    We, Administrators of Lionna Net, Gerda and Geb, are not involved in Nanna server, we are staying only on Lionna and not going anywhere.
    The server is not going to be closed. In opposite, it will always stay running and all future low rate server will be at some point merged in Lionna x7.

    Advertising campaign is still running, we are not planning on canceling it.
    Administrators and support are working on the server, and its not going to change.

    Enjoy your game on Lionna x7!

    L2eu team
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  3. Musa1608

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    I was here for a long time. I see CS clan rules server at the early time, then the raise of hs, l2team clan. They fight with all their fire, and I see the efforts of nutcracker ally, growth of team13. Thx all of you, u guys make server so great with me. But now, when they'r all tired, quit and find new sv, then leave sadness to server. But I think now is the time for new clan raise. We need all guys who stay keep the fire for server. And we will stay till the end. Thx u all.
  4. MageLova

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    Well atm highskill still have people playing, CS still have a few active players, l2team clan is doing ok, Team13 is gone.
    Nutcrackers is gone, thelegends and polishkindom have left nutcracker to make new ally, eclipse clan has left server. The server is now ruled by the new Jointforces alliance boasting with 4 castle and the defeat of valakas/anthy and baium.
  5. lastoneslo

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    i think the server is to low on population and it is pointless to play if there are no players :(
  6. caiominacu

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  7. adriazaha

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    Ty admins ! good server !
  8. ANameThatMatch

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    I hope this server continue, and new people come to fill it, because now is quite... empty. Also could be great if some bugs are finally fixed, some of them lasting for so long time (queen ant continue bug, BTW maybe it is me, but it is the first server I see the qa respawning so close to the larva).
    Sometimes I feel like... if you gms like that, you solve the bug, you dont like... you leave it.

    Now is a bit late too, but a better service against bots and cheaters could be great. I mean, random people was banned so easily. Big clans bots, you could see their parties during HOURS dancing and buffing in cities because for some reason they died and went to goddard, people making videos, making fun of them... and not enough "proofs" (i dont understand how being dancing and singing every 2 minutes during 5 hours in a city without speak or move is not a proof of bot or use or third programs, but well, maybe is a boring guy who just want to be 5 hours making everyone to think he is bot when he is not, so use bd and sws all time and dont answer any question or move... yes, that makes sense...). You can find bots at any time RIGHT NOW in war thorn plains, near Aden, for example. Also in catacombs 6x-7x, where some of them config the bot to log out if some char go nearby them. I saw sometimes full partys vanish (log out) when i went close of them. Of course, even when is clear for me, no proof they are boting, and no even time to take all the names. Only a gm can check that being invisible. For that, need to be online, and have a look in catacombs. Maybe in that way we dont find 500kk/1kkk AA sellers so easily.

    Or well, what to say about wall hacks in baium and that stuff. That should be ban to all the party and bye bye drop. But it didnt happened, maybe some random ban after a few days, that later for a few tods was solved. Worth it, if you see the price of a ring of baium for example, in tods or even real money. Many good clans left the server because this, now, CS finished their bussiness here (sellings dropped so much) they left too, server empty.

    I hope to see more gm activity. Some gms online could be great sometimes. Also fix the bugs, I notified so many: qa larva bug, bug with cursed (cant use scroll of scape of cities, cant use scroll to eliminate death penalty, critical hit of 50 damage with akamanah, drop rate not like in reatail, and of course too low for a x7), bugs in primeval isle: lure skill doesnt work, tyrannus looks like doesnt lvl up crystals (someone can confirm this please? already killed like 20, they dont lvl up crystal, and dont say anything like: "failed to absorb soul" like raid bosses do). Also I think primeval isle is difficult enough right now, with all the deadly skills the dinos use, and also they always go in group, but sometimes they use teleport! that is too much i think. You finally take a little group, or a tyrannus, and suddently like 3 groups just teleport in front of you. It happened to us sometimes.

    Skill vicious stance is bug (most of servers have this problem, but well, maybe here you can fix it). You activate it, and it consumes mp, but it doesnt improve damage at all. destroyers and treasure hunters have it for example. Also many skills from augment doesnt work at all. That is more complicated, but could be a good point fix them with time.

    And of course, auction house. Good idea, but with so many problems. First, the delay. up to 8 or 9 days i was waiting for an item to enter in auction. That is more than a week. Sometimes even an item that was before in auction, just canceled because TODs new price, and put it again with a adjusted price. Could be great an option to change price if nobody bet on it, to have a new price the next 24 hours.
    Also, because this delay, you have no item for more than a week. No way to have it back. And once you set up a price, that is impossible to change, any mistake can make you lose a lot of tods/real money, because impossible to cancel, and you never knows when is it going to auction to cancel it on time. Later that useless option: "buy it now". For what is that for? It should be: "pay more for the item, but anyway you need to wait an useless confirmation, around 24 hours, so you wont have it" (some rare cases even wait 2 days). Why that second confirmation, if the seller needed to wait 6-9 days to make sure the item is clean? If i use "buy it now", is because i want it NOW, no one day later. I said this before, i said it again:

    1) Option to add a comment with the item you are selling in auction, to help to make the review faster: it was a drop in this place, i crafted it, i bought it... or fix a time: 5 days, if in 5 days no claim about X item was stolen/scammed, go directly to auction (nobody complain about arcana mace +3 stolen, all arcana mace older than 5 days waiting can go to auction without checking). Also "reliable" auctioner: a minimun lvl to be an auctioner, with items on char more valuables even that what are you putting in auction, with a lot of good sellings already, shouldnt wait the same time than a char lvl1 selling S items (I am not telling that a lvl 1 char cant sell, but why wait the same? my background/items on char should be a guarantee to wait much less).

    2) Option to cancel at any moment, even during the waiting of confirmation. Also make it possible to see what did you set up : lettters "WAITING FOR CONFIRMATION" cover all numbers (yes, you can use tricks like change size of font to check, but... why to make it so difficult and umconfortable?)

    3) Eliminate the second confirmation. If i use the option "buy it now", I relogin my char and i have my item, because is 100% clean and that waitng is unnecessary. Same if the auction finish normally, time arrives to 0, i relogin and i have my item at the moment.

    About wheel of fortune, some prizes make farming some low lvl epics useless. I think (and yes, this is "I THINK", my thinking, not a law or something like that, just an opinion) core and orphen should have time like qa or zaken.

    You want to have the best low rate server. I want it too, because I play here, and I spent so many hours, I dont want to leave. Please, please, dont force me to leave. Please, fix this things, have the best low rate server, make people stay, come back, and start here to stay.
  9. MageLova

    MageLova Member

    maybe merger 7x with 75x in 1 month.
  10. adriazaha

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    This will be lame , i go play on 75x for 1 month.
  11. Net

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    Hello. About bugs, scripters are working on them and fixes will be intalled right after fix, but you must know that not all that you reported are bugs or have problems. For example Vicious Stance:

    About auction: Please report to us if your tiems approve taking more time that it must besed on topic.

    Auction #1:
    It won't help, because supports still need to check all logs of items. Because can be case that you craft item, sold it to clan member or friend and then scammed him. Also "If 5 days no one report about scam" - 5 days is more then max check now.

    Auction #2:
    Cancel option can cause problems if at same time you will cancel item and supports approve. It can cause a bug when you will get item back + your item will be installed at auction house. Also can be created script to just spam system with installing item and deleting it to make site crush or work slower.

    Auction #3:
    Supports giving items manually, that's why it taking time. It's more secure.

    About lucky wheel - chances are extrimly low + they are shadow.
  12. ANameThatMatch

    ANameThatMatch Member

    Ok, thanks Net for your answers. I need to check vicious stance again then, clearly you have on that test a difference on damage.

    About auctions, I think report a delay in one item is not a solution. If you said 5 days is the max time you can check... please dont hold items for more than 5 days, sometimes i waited even 9 days (one item once) and, normally is around a week (7 days). Maybe the idea about "reliable" auctioner can be a point to make this agile (I mean, someone who puts good items regurally, high level with good items on char, more valuables than the item in auction, that can act as guarantee). Just an idea.

    Answer 2, understood, never thought about that... we need to wait then. Anyway an option to modify the price once the auction is over could be great and can save a lot of time in both sides (if i cancel to put it with other price, i need to wait, you need to check again).

    Answer 3, ok, more secure, but if it could be automatically, I think could be better. But also I understand now why that step. Thanks.

    Also there are two points we would like to know... QA larva will be fixed soon, or is already fixed, or how?

    And Tyrannosaurus... they lvl up crystals? someone or GM can answer? we killed around 20, and no lvl up, and no system message (failed to absorb a soul). So we would like to know if is just a lot of bad luck, or is bug for now.

    The other bugs are minor bugs we hope will be fixed with time.
  13. ZeNoX

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    1 month ago tyranos lvled up crystals from 10 to 11 and from 11 to 12. Dont know the chance, but is low.
  14. Vesi

    Vesi Member

    @ZeNoX, 5% - similar question was in forum month or two ago.
  15. Snaige

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    Vote reward doesn't work, also why we can't trade TOD in game -> In web ? To transfer it in both sides?
  16. Net

    Net Administrator Staff Member

    Hello. What you mean "vote reward", ingame shop for votes? You can't transfer on web because you will start buying them with adena and then transfer on web.
  17. Snaige

    Snaige Member

    MMOTOP vote reward doesn't work. I voted few times, but didn't got any TOD.
  18. Vesi

    Vesi Member

    For voting you receive TOLˇs. Check your master account TOL balance to make sure. To receive TOL on your character, you need to perform a transfer from mater account to character.
  19. Net

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  20. MageLova

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    This server wont be merging with 75x right? someone in game was saying they heard something.

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