Nanna x75 - 24 March!

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    Grand Opening: 24 March, at 20:00 (GMT+3)
    Open Beta: 21 March, at 20:00 (GMT+3)


    We are announcing a pvp server in the best traditions of craft-pvp Interlude servers. Meet Nanna X75.
    Nanna x75 is a classic game with simplified development and with maximum approximation to massive PVP battles.
    ะกlassic, but simplistic gameplay maintains a constant competition in all its manifestations. Here you will not achieve everything in just one day and you will not quietly develop because your competitors will disturb you all time .

    Of course we take into account the needs of the modern community, necessary changes would be made in the usual concept of the server, making it more interesting and allow focusing attention on high-end content of Interlude chronicles.

    These changes will be made only with Your consent, we will provide a selection of the key points in the concept of the server by voting, and with help of your comments and suggestions.

    l2eu team
  2. Ariy

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