9v9 Tournament on Lionna server

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  1. Gerda

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    9v9 Tournament on Lionna server

    Terms of registration:

    • The group of 9 people (can be less if you want to) can participate in the Tournament.
    • There are no restrictions on equipment. Exception - Hero skills and weapons.
    • Application for participation should be made by the party leader in this thread (application form given below)
    • Registration fee !!! - 180kk Adena *
    • Change the setup of the party, participating in the tournament, is possible till the end of registration period by editing your post. After registration is over, it's impossible to change party setup! End of registration - February, 25 at 10:00 CET
    • One character can not participate in two teams. Only one.
    • If the parties are in the same Alliance / Clan, one of them will have to leave the clan / alliance for some skills to not be used on opponents. After the tournament we can remove penalty so you will be able to join the clan again.
    * Given by our past experience of the tournament, many teams are late or do not come to the tournament. We hope that by making a registration fee, participants will take this event more seriously. Also, the withdrawal of Adena from the server never hurts.

    Application form for the tournament:

    Party leader Nickname
    A full list of party members nicknames. Including the party leader
    A character where to withdraw registration fee from
    "All party members read the Tournament rules, agree to follow"

    Example of the Application:
    1. Gerda
    2. Net, Gerda, Geb, Ostin, Aleslav, Exordium, Jam, sLife
    3. Gerda
    4. All party members read the Tournament rules, agree to follow

    Registration closes at 10:00 CET on 25.02.2017
    Fights will take place at the Coliseum
    Date and time of the tournament - 25/02/2017 15:00 CET

    At the time of the Tournament the Coliseum will be closed.
    Fan Zones are established for the audience. The Fan Zone can be reached from any GC after paying 50k adena
    You can also watch the Coliseum through the Broadcasting Tower for free

    Tournament Regulations:

    The tournament will be held by the Double Elimination (two defeats) system, in case of more than 10 team participation - Single Elimination System (lost - left)
    Attention! If number of parties, wishing to take part in the Tournament will be less than 5, the tournament will be postponed, so register actively!
    Tournament grid will be published after the completion of registration, and will be updated periodically during the tournament.

    Buff within the group. Additional buffers won't be allowed on the arena (as well as use of cocktails and scrolls)
    Use Haste, Acumen, Running speed potions, any resurrection scrolls
    Resurrection of the party members during the fight.
    No restrictions on the equipment enchantment.

    The use of any HP, CP potions, Elixirs
    Using buff scrolls and cocktails
    Hero equipment and skills
    Leaving the area of the tournament during the battle (if left the area, it's your problem, the team will continue to fight without you)

    The order of battles:

    The fight is won, if all members of the opponents party are killed.
    The fight can be stopped and is not counted by the decision of the judges.
    If team members are late for more than 5 minutes after the start of the tournament, the party leader chooses - to fight with players, which came, or to receive a technical defeat.
    The team which is not showing up on the tournament receives technical defeat, and the team that was supposed to fight it, automatically passes on.
    For violation of the rules of the tournament team will be disqualified without the right to return.
    Viewers can watch the fights through the Broadcasting Tower, and in Fan Zone

    Rewards to the winners of the tournament

    1st Place - 150 USD

    2nd Place - 100 USD

    3rd Place - 50 USD
  2. Gerda

    Gerda Administrator Staff Member


    Tournament date is being moved for February, 25!
    Don't forget to participate and win real money prize!
  3. Gerda

    Gerda Administrator Staff Member

    Due to lack of interest, Tournament was canceled.
  4. rufusek

    rufusek Member

    just need to wait some more time, till normal and casual players catch up with gear and lvl :)
  5. Gerda

    Gerda Administrator Staff Member

    We will see. Or will bring this tournament back later, or will make some modifications and will launch it in a different way.
  6. ZeNoX

    ZeNoX Member

    It's a fun event, it would be quite better without any cost.

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