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    The mad scientist’s eyebrow twitched.

    "How dare they banish me! Don’t they know who I am? I’m the Emperor of Evil!" Dr. Chaos roared as he paced across the room.

    Sprockets the Cat yawned and slouched in his chair. He had heard this tirade many times before and knew it was best to not interfere.

    "This new golem army of mine is almost finished. They’re just missing something to make them complete. If only I had enough assistants to gather what I need, but no one will help..." Dr. Chaos stopped in his tracks. He whirled around and pointed a plump finger at Sprockets, who bolted upright.

    "You there. Faithful servant, um..."


    "Yes, right, Sprockets. I’ve just decided to change my ways. I don’t want revenge anymore. I just want to be loved."

    The cat stared at the Dwarf.

    "Look, Sprockets, only an army of mechanical golems could love someone like me," Dr. Chaos continued. "I need hearts – lots of them – gathered from the monsters that inhabit these lands so I can give the golems emotions. Only I can’t get the hearts by myself, and I hate talking to people. I need you to go to the villages for me and recruit some kind adventurers looking to help a poor old inventor out."

    "They’re not going to help you for nothing," Sprockets pointed out. "You do have sort of a reputation."

    Dr. Chaos looked around the room, and his eyes fell upon a dusty treasure chest. "In there you’ll find some scrolls and potions that you can offer them in exchange. But they have to play a game if they want to have them."

    Sprockets the Cat shrugged. Dr. Chaos wouldn’t be a mad scientist if he simply handed out prizes, after all. The cat stood and started making preparations to leave.

    "You must be swift, cat!" Dr. Chaos snarled. "We only have a short time to gather the hearts. Begone!"

    Event Description:


    Sprockets the Cat, the faithful servant of Dr. Chaos, is in the villages of Aden and Elmore to play a game with adventurers who collect and trade pieces of hearts.
    Nine different heart pieces will drop from monsters throughout the world. Collect one of each piece in order to try your chances at a rock, paper, scissors game with Sprockets the Cat.


    After each round of the game, you will decide if you wish to continue playing or accept the prizes for the current round. When you lose, the game ends. Your prize is determined by how many times in a row you win. Losing will reduce the quality of your prize, so don’t be afraid to quit while you’re ahead!


    Sprockets the Cat is offering the following prizes:

    • Win one time - 10 consumable Potions
    • Win two times - 1 Blessed Scroll of Escape
    • Win three times - 1 Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
    • Win four times - 2 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade C)
    • Win five times - 4 Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade B)
    • Win six times - 1 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade B)
    • Win seven times - 3 Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A)
    • Win eight times - 1 Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A)

    Nobody goes away empty handed! All participants who do not win a game receive a consolation prize.

    Remember, do not talk to Dr. Chaos unless you’re looking for a fight! Sprockets the Cat is the only one willing to play the game with you.

    The event begins on February 14, and hearts will stop dropping on February 28. Sprockets the Cat will remain in the villages until March 3.

    Good luck!

    Sincerely, team

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