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    Every day we are receiving over 10 scam cases in Support center.
    It is a really huge number, and each of these cases takes hours to be reviewed and solved.

    We've done all we could to protect your accounts.
    PIN codes, good antibrut protection.

    The other precautions must be made by you.
    Don't share your account (as you know from project rules, we are not forbidding, bot not tolerating it neither)
    If you are still sharing you account, be sure you can trust the person, otherwise don't risk it.

    Every scam case review is paid service. From our side we have provided maximum protection for your account and your character. All scam cases are happening by account owner fault. So in case you want us to go in and investigate it and get stolen items back, you have to order logs review service.

    If you will get scammed, keep in mind, that not every item can be returned to you.
    Sometimes item goes through huge number of sales/trades, that it is impossible to roll it back.

    If you are playing on the account, which belongs to another person, remember, that the account/character and all it's items by default belongs to it's owner. Exception - items, purchased on the auction, and ToDs, which you got for donation, with your proof that it was paid by you.

    Scam reviews - very time consuming procedure. To reveal it and find everything, support staff must download GBs of logs, parse them and search every item. Every scam case takes hours, so if you got into one, don't expect it to get solved 1 hour after you've made a ticket.
    And please, don't "bump" your ticket. All tickets are being sorted by time of the last reply. So every time you are spamming it with requests to reveal it faster, you will be doing worse for yourself.

    Sincerely, team
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