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    We are pleased to present to you a short description of the concept of our server.
    This concept was tested many times and worked out to bring the maximum balance as for low lvl game, as well as for high lvl. We know that Interlude is not a new chronicle anymore and many of you already know everything about them, but according to the concept we tried to make the game as fun as possible and still keep some difficulty in the game, so you could feel every aspect of it.

    We will be very glad to see you on our server, and to heat the interest we want to remember you about upcoming events and contests, which we will announce on the site and forum very soon. Follow the news.

    A detailed concept will be published in the near future in this thread as a second post.

    Server time:



    EXP / SP: x7
    Adena: x5 (amount)
    SealStone: x5 (amount)
    Drop: x5 (chance)
    Spoil: chance x5*
    Quest (drop): x1*
    Quest reward (adena / exp / sp): x4*
    RB exp / sp: x4

    RB drop: chance x2
    Epic: x1

    * Look detailed description in the post below​
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    Detailed Server Description


    EXP / SP: x7
    Adena: x5 (amount)
    SealStone: x5 (amount)
    Drop: x5 (chance)
    Spoil: chance x5*

    * Amount of materials (animal bone and etc.) increases depending on chance
    * Full items / recipes / key-materials (pieces of armors etc) - the amount is not being increased.

    Quest (drop): x1*
    * Quest items amount of some quests is increased, the list of quests you will be able to see in the detailed description

    Quest reward (adena / exp / sp): x4*
    * Reward of some quests was reduced, the list of quests with a reduced award you will be able to see in the detailed description

    RB exp / sp: x4
    RB drop: chance x2
    Epic: x1

    Amount of dropping quest items is increased in following quests:

    Zero hour – х3
    An Ice Merchant's Dream – x3
    Clean up the Swamp of Screams - х3
    Yoke of the Past – x3
    In Search of Fragments of Dimension - х3
    A Powerful Primeval Creature – х2
    Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 – х3
    Legacy of Insolence – х3
    Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 – х3
    Curse of the Underground Fortress х2
    Protect the Water Source х2
    Legacy of the Poet х2
    Guardians of the Holy Grail - х2
    Seekers of the Holy Grail - х2
    Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe - х2

    Features of the game world:

    Newbie Buffer - will help you till level 40 ( retail )
    Event NPC Adventurers' Guide Miss Queen from the start. (Event NPC which is giving Adventurers Weapons for newbies)
    The limit of characters to enter Valakas dungeon is removed.
    For skills learning up to 3rd Class books are not required. Only SP. After 3rd class - all according to Official data.
    CursedWeapon will appear 2 weeks after server start.
    Grand Olympiad start - December, 1st
    Seven Signs - Registration period from the server start
    Maximum number of Clans in Alliances increased to 6.
    Maximum number of clients per PC - 3. (Can be increased via Ingame shop)

    Primeval Isle:

    GateKeeper in Rune can teleport to the Primeval Isle. The price of teleport - 150.000 Adena
    On the Primeval Isle GateKeeper will be able to teleport to Rune Town. The price of teleport - 150.000 Adena
    Tears of Devotion - Donate currency, being given as a reward for donations for the server. Tradeable. (1 EUR = 30 TOD)

    Offline trade:

    Offline trade is being activated only with command .offline
    Activation requires 1.000 Adena
    Offline shop activity time is 48 hours

    Castles, Sieges and Clan Halls:

    First Sieges: November 26th and 27th
    Amount of Adena, needed to purchase scrolls in Castles increased 10 times
    Price of all Clan Halls on the aution increased 10 times
    Clan Halls rent price increased 10 times.

    Favorable conditions for PK players:

    PK characters obtaining special status. They can talk to some NPCs, use teleport. Guards will attack as always. Chance to drop items is standard, after 5 gained PK points.

    NPC and Quests available for players in PK status:

    • Quest for 4th clan level
    • Quest for 5th clan level
    • Subclass quest
    • Noblesse Quest
    • GateKeeper in Ivory Tower
    Unique NPCs are added to the Floran Village:

    Bartholomeus - Unique Gate Keeper for PK will port you to non-standard points on the game world if you have 1000+ karma
    Edward Teach - Pirate-Blacksmith, NPC functionality is similar with Blacksmith
    John Silver - Weapon seller NPC, also includes the sale of shadow B grade weapons (as in Giran-Aden weapon shops)

    Universal ingame menu, which can be opened with .menu command or active skill (in skills panel):

    • 1st and 2nd Classes purchase
      • 1st Class 100.000 Adena
      • 2nd Class 1.000.000 Adena
    • Connection of picked character (not account) to your computer's HWID. 100% protection from unauthorized access to your character.
    • Showing bonuses from Rune, applied on your character at this moment, taking into account all the conditions of its status (for example: in a party with another players)
    • Offline shop activation (it's also possible to activate it by using in the chat command .offline)
    • Turning on/off exp gain (also available as a command .exp on/.exp off)
    • Turning on/off the option to receive personal messages in chat (also canceling the trade requests)

    Ingame commands:

    .menu - universal menu
    .offline - activating offline trade
    .exp on/off - turning on/off exp gain
    .rune - status of Rune bonus
    .timeleft - remainng time on time-limited items

    Server won't have autopickup function
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    and how many max character on one window ?.. srry for my eng.. :oops:
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    " * Reward of some quests was reduced, the list of quests with a reduced award you will be able to see in the detailed description "

    I can't find this.
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    I guess they are waiting for the official opening for publish full quest specs.
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    Or im blind or i cant find about subclass quest, its retail?
  11. Dnq

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    and ofc about nobless quest
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    yes, it will be retail, along with nobless
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    and this server is with GMshop/ Buffer... or without gmshop/buffer
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    There is no gmshop. NPC buffer is retail until lvl 40
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    There is no gm shop that sells armours and weapons. But there are a donate shop, that you can check here.
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    unlimited windows ? thatts sick i can get a full party and go on rbs solo ! -.,- !
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    but if you have rune is divided by all the party members
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    unlimited windows is fail !! do it max 3 !!! or all can have a full party
  20. Tealc

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    even 3 is too much since you can have offline shops, I think 1 or max 2 is great, or 0 for a good retail feeling :)

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