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    How to contact Support Center:

    First of all you need to login to your Account
    Pick one of two presented in Account manager "Support" buttons
    You will be redirected to the Ticket's system
    In order to request Support center assist, press middle green button "New Ticket"
    Fill all fields of the form and write your message.
    Please try to write your request in details,with all information possible.
    Then press "Send" and wait for Support team to answer.

    Congratulations! Your Ticket was created and successfully sent to the Support center specialists.
    Now, by clicking on "Support" button, you will see all created by you tickets and will be able to control their status.
    As soon as your Ticket will be answered you will be notified in Account manager in Notifications section
    Ticket's reveal time - 0-24 hours. If there will be a lot of Tickets, time might be prolonged. So please be patient.

    After submitting a Ticket, please wait for a reply. Don't duplicate the Ticket and don't write the same message in Skype. This will only increase the time needed to assist at your and other players requests.
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