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    Dear future Nanna x75 players

    It is not a standard description of the game world. In this topic we will tell about essence of the future of the server, so you could understand where you are going to play, how it will develop and may progress new world and your character with him. By using this information, you will be able to determine the style of your game protege, group / clan / alliance to start.

    Notice that you have not come to the PVP server with the a tick rate x1000 +! Administration of other projects committed global error, allowing players to achieve all the significant benefits of the game for a few days and after that users will quickly lose interest to the world.

    Nanna x75 is a special game world, not like the others. We are not trying to imitate the commonly accepted concepts that are openly boring for users.

    All the classic game aspects saved.

    Nanna opens on June 21,19:00 (UTC +4)
    Interlude chronicles
    Official assembly(EURO PTS)


    Attention! There may be some additions or changes.​


    • Exp: x75
    • SP: x75
    • Adena: x50
      Wealth of players depends on its objectives and the chosen way of development, this will determine how quickly you will achieve the desired results. The interest in the game should be maintained to achieve goals.
    • SealStones: x10
      To make maintain the relevance of the catacombs and the festival, it was decided to make this rate. Warring clans will clash in the battle for spots or totally control some catacombs/necropolises.
    • Drop: х30
    • Spoil: x15
      The development is simplified, because it pvp server, with separation between the players, who started with the launch and development of the new arrivals. In this case, spoilers and crafters do not lose their relevance.
    • RB Exp/SP: х3
    • RB Drop (chance of general group): х15
    • Epic Rb Drop: x1
    • Quest: x1*
      With the presence of a permanent buff, do any quest will not be difficult. In this case players will be collected in common locations and constantly compete, clans will conduct a constant struggle.
    • Quest Reward: adena, exp, sp x10 (only quests for adena, exp, sp)

    Quests with increased rates:​

    • Gather the Flames - rate x2, amount of Torch.
    • Relics of the Old Empire - rate x2, amount of Broken Relic Part.
    • Delicious Top Choice Meat - rate x2, amount of quest items.
    • Alliance with Varka Silenos - rate x3, amount of quest items.
    • Alliance with Ketra Orcs - rate x3, amount of quest items.
    • War with Ketra - rate x3, amount of Molar of Ketra Orc.
    • War with Varka - rate x3, amount of Varka's Mane.
    • Heart in Search of Power - rate x3, amount of Gem of Submission (Gem of Saints)
    • The Zero Hour - rate x3, amount of Stakato Fang.
    • All parameters and quests that are not described here match the official server.

    Buff slots; NPC Buffer & Buff book:​

    • Buff book - each character has this book, there you will be able to choose the necessary buffs, one click equals one buff. Buff book can be used anywhere in the world except the Olympiad stadiums. You can not use it if you are attacked, when a character is dead or has pvp status
    • NPC Buffer - are located in all cities, this NPC is created as an alternative to buff book when you want to rebuff immediately
    • NPC Buffer & Buff book have all the buff, song, dance of second and third classes, WITHOUT warlock\elemental master buffs and resists.
    • Time of buffs from NPC Buffer & Buff book - 60 minutes.
    • Time of buffs from player - match the official server.
    • The maximum buff slots quantity - 24 (from release).


    • No limit on the amount of windows
    • Auto learning skills
    • Auto loot
    • Weight limit is increased twice
    • Seven signs are in the 7 days cycle (4 days of battle, 3 days of seal)
    • Drop from raid and epic bosses according to the official server.
    • Realised skill Block Buff (does not work at the Olympics)
      .antibuff - ingame command using which you can set what buffs will be ignored activity Block Buff
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • Mana potion restore 1.500 MP with 10 sec cool-down. Does not work at the Olympics.

    According to official data NCSOFT:​

    • Chance of crafting and enchant
    • The Festival of Darkness
    • 24 buff slots
    • The number of slots in the inventory/book of craft/trade
    • Augmentation system
    • Parameters of all the raid and epic bosses
    • Everything that is not mentioned in this thread is equal to the official data of classical Interlude

    Learning professions:​

    1. Purchase the first profession - 100.000 adena
    2. Purchase the second profession - 1.000.000 adena
    3. The third profession:
      • Purchase for 200 Black Halisha's Mark and 15.000.000 adena, that are mined (without quest) from monsters in the location Shrine of Loyalty: Grave Scarab, Scavenger Scarab, Grave Ant, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Knight, Shrine Guard.
      • Full quest. Advantages:
        • Drop Halisha's Mark changed! From one monster mined 5 quest item.
        • After the completion of the quest for 3 profession, you get: 50.000.000 Adena, 1 Giant's Codex, 22.994.040 Exp


    Raid bosses respawn, drop, level:​

    In these raid bosses, levels increased of up to 80 and in part reduced drop Reit (x1), due to the short period of the spawn.
    • Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (after death appears the chest required to obtain Cabrio Infernium Scepters) - 6 hours
    • Flame of Splendor Barakiel (for nobless pass and status of nobleman) - 4 hours +/-60 minutes
    • Varka’s Hero Shadith (4 level of alliance with Ketra Orcs) - 10 hours +/-60 minutes
    • Varka’s Commander Mos (5 level of alliance with Ketra Orcs) - 10 hours +/-60 minutes
    • Ketra’s Hero Hekaton (4 level of alliance with Varka Silenos) - 10 hours +/-60 minutes
    • Ketra Commander Tayr (5 level of alliance withVarka Silenos) - 10 hours +/-60 minutes
    • Raid bosses respawn, drop, level of all other raid and epic bosses according to the official server.

    Getting a sub class and status Noble:​

    • You can get sub class from NPC Hel:
      • Attention, the quest is not required!
      • Attention! You are not required to hit raid bosses, talk to the chest that appears after death the raid is enough.
      • To get you need to have Cabrio Infernium Scepters и 100.000.000 adena; 75+ level.
      • Scepter mined by killing raid bosses (to hit is not necessarily) and search the chest that appears (necessarily). Only characters level 75 + can find a scepter in the chest.
      • Scepter is not passed / not for sale, you can only delete the.
      • After the talk with a chest, the scepter appears in quest inventory.

      • Raid bosses - scepters:
        1. Shilen's Messenger Cabrio - Cabrio Infernium Scepters
      After that you'll get Cabrio Infernium Scepters and 100.000.000 adena, you should return to the NPC Hel and with one click you will get a subclass
    • Noble's status can be obtained from NPC Hel:
      • Attention the quest is not required!
      • To get you need to have Nobless pass and 250.000.000 adena.
      • Nobless pass mined by killing a raid boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel. Group whose hit kill raid gets Nobless pass.
      • Nobless Pass is charged only to those participants "seek" a group who are on the subclass and have a 75 + level (subclass). (© NCSOFT)
      • Characters having the status of a nobleman can not get Nobless pass again.
      • Nobless pass is transferred / for sale.

    Mining A/S-Grade recipes:​

    Recipes of A-Grade equipment (weapons, armor, jewelry) are sold in NPC Nanna for adena and ancient adena.
    Recipes of S-Grade, mined by quests:

    • Recipes for S-grade weapons:
      - Relics of the Old Empire (Imperial Tomb)
      - Gather the Flames (Forge of the Gods)​
    • Recipes and key materials for S-Grade armor:
      - Alliance with Varka Silenos + War with Ketra Orcs (Охота в локации Ketra Orc Outpost)
      - Alliance with Ketra Orcs + War with Varka Silenos (Охота в локации Varka Silenos Post)​


    Main shop (NPC Nanna):​

    • D/C/B-Grade equipment for adena
    • Recipes for A-grade equipment for adena and ancoent adena
    • Soul Crystal 1-10 level for adena
    • Soul Crystal 11-13 level for adena and ancient adena. 13 level Soul Crystal is very epensive
    • Dual Sword Craft Stamp
    • Soul/Spirit/Blessed Spirit-Shot D/C/B-Grade for adena
    • Soul/Spirit/Blessed Spirit-Shot A/S-Grade for adena (very expensive)
    • Basic set of recipes for crafting resources
    • Consumables:
    • Scroll of offline trade
    • Resurrection scrolls and teleport
    • Arrows Class B / A / S
    • Cursed Bone, Energy Stone, Soul Ore, Spirit Ore, Recovery Scroll, Greater HP, Mana Potion, Greater CP

    Grand Olympiad:​

    • Olympiad period – 2 weeks
    • No more cheating from several windows, 1 character drom 1 computer. (It's impossible to register to Olympiad with more than one character)

    Clan halls:​

    • Minimal bet was increased by 10 times.
    • The rent of clanhalls was increased by 10 times
    • Only clans that reached level 7 can buy clanhalls.
    • Max bet on ClanHalls: 999.999.999 Аdena


    Market and offline trade:​

    • Trade is forbidden near Gatekeepers in all cities
    • There are trade zones in Giran, Goddard and Aden

    Events, promotions and bonuses:​

    • Autoevents from NCSoft
    • TvT tournaments
    • Authors contests and promotions, users receive bonuses for active participation

    The universal in-game menu:​

    Called by the .menu command in chat
    • Enabling / Disabling the getting of experience
    • View on the runes bonus
    • Timer for temporary items
    • Enabling / Disabling recieveing of personal messages in chat (disabling the trade too)
    • Registeration for the tournament "Gods of the Arena". You can perform it while farming, after the tournament you will be teleported to the same place where you were standing.
    • Purchase of Offline-trade scroll
    • Activate offline trade

    Additional server currency:​

    • Adena chest - chest with adena. Two-way exchange is available adena <> 1 Adena chest.
    • Tear of Devotion - reward for donation to the server.
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