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    Dear friends!
    We have been talking for several years about the desire to open our L2 Classic server in the good traditions of our project
    Into the long development process we have invested our soul, time and money. All for one simple goal - to implement a quality and iconic product based on PTS files.

    Stamping and rediscovering servers 5 times a year - in our understanding this is a long time outdated policy of server development, which leads to nowhere.
    We have long been focusing on gathering a good community and concentrating all the work on one server.
    For example, our only Interlude server at the moment, Union x50, has been working for about 2 years, where its close-knit audience plays.

    Announcements from us are rare, but accurate.

    Server files from has long been a sign of quality in the world of free servers La2. We made great efforts to ensure that the upcoming opening of the server Lineage Classic corresponded to the usual level of quality on our project.

    A little about the nearest plans:
    • The active advertisement of the future server begins since September,
    • An update is being prepared for the website design
    • Creating forum sections for classic server
    • Running polls
    • Start of shares and contests, including cash prizes
    Currently we are working on updating the site and forum and solving some technical and organizational problems. Follow the news, it will be interesting!

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