Can`t connect my account PenTaGoN!!!

Discussion in 'I need help' started by Cris, May 10, 2018.

  1. Cris

    Cris Member

    I can`t connect my account PenTaGoN ... Anyone can help me ??? Login : penta ......
    So password works i enter a little bit untill Union x50 [Eu] etc etc... and then i cant no more enter ...
    Please if any GM can help me!!!

  2. Core

    Core Administrator

    Sorry for long reply.
    You need click one time to login by mouse, then 1 time to Union x50 [EU] mouse on ok.
    And w8 near 5 sec. You will login.

    If you need fast answer better write on skype - ostintm (ava smurf) or write a ticket on website

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