To the attention of new comers, easy start on server Union x50

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    Dear friends!

    Find yourself in search of stable Interlude server where you can play without a fear of wipe or closing?
    Then we highly advise you to finish your wanderings and settle on the Union x50 server. This game world is a base of all Interlude servers.
    We rise against wipes and closings of any kind. Our server provides complete support, interesting updates, and continuous advertising. You can be sure in a flow of new players from all our further Interlude servers.

    Important links:
    Registration and Files
    Description of the server

    Starting equip:
    • NG set and coupons for receiving D, C, B grade equipment
    • Perfect Buff Book with a full range of buff
    • All players begin their journey in Giran Town
    • TP free of charge up to 40th level, you are free to select from where to start your adventures. For your convenience, we also added TP to Elven Ruins from Giran Gatekeeper.
    • You can always return to Giran by using special skill in your skill tab
    • After creation of your character, we recommend you to use full buff from the Buff Book, exchange coupons at correspondent NPC and teleport to the Elven Ruins from the Gatekeeper


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